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Biologie moleculară şi
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Marţi, 23.01.2018, 23:08
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Forum » Procesul didactic » Studenţii anului I / 1st year students » Caio (KD9uB8OBr)
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a0a0This is an extremely<a href=""> inptroamt</a> overview of the situation with regard to mother tongue literacy teaching and learning.a0 I also appreciate the positive suggestions,a0recommendations and website referencesa0that come towards thea0end of the paper.a0 I would like to comment though on your list ofa0possible solutions. Firstly, I think that a fourth bullet should be * the development of new stories originated in the target languages.a0 In this way the language of the stories can be carefully chosena0in relation to the lexical complexity of that particular language, as well as to the familiarity of words and contexts to the target readers, whilst retaining the element of joy and delight in story and illustration.a0 Molteno has developed a reading series based on these principles.a0 They will be evaluated. Working from oral folk tales is just one source amongst many possible sources.a0 I am concerned that wordless books will work only with reading mentors (parents, teachers, caregivers etc) who are well-trained in the quite challenging skill of deriving story from pictures.a0Added to which is your well-made point that picture interpretation itself is a socio-cultural literacy practice; it is not possible to assume that all will generate the same value or even enough value from this medium. Finally, if we are concerned to assist young readers to gain the neurological wiring' for reading, then wordless books will not serve that function.a0 Thanks for igniting or stirring the fires of this urgent debate. a0
Forum » Procesul didactic » Studenţii anului I / 1st year students » Caio (KD9uB8OBr)
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